Why is journaling an important activity?

Why is journaling an important activity?

In today’s world of total digital transformation, we humans have completely ceased any manual effort to anything. Yet, a few things can never go obsolete, no matter what the era is. These things are always going to be vital to being and staying human. One of the most vital human tendencies from the dawn of time has been the need to journal or record. Journaling means writing down our thoughts or feelings for better understanding later. For better reflection, suppose you conceive a series of amazing ideas in your head, all of a sudden or just a sudden insight which seems so profound you could not afford to let it slip away. Yet, pertaining to the forgetful nature of human brain, such brilliantly conceived ideas don’t always stay in the exact form that they were in the head the moment they arrived.  

Our brain receives ideas in the form of symbols, patterns, and all the other non-linguistic ways possible. This makes it absolutely necessary to readily scribble those vague ideas and feelings into readable words. One may say,’ But we could do that on our laptops or phones’. No denying, yes you could. But, do you know the difference between manually writing on paper and typing onto a laptop screen?  

Writing with hands forces the brain to have way more engagement with the information that is being laid out, increasing the possibility of it being better quality. Whereas, typing does not provide the scope for that kind of brain engagement.  

Now, how is a manual journal going to be a valuable asset for traders?  

Traders have to engage their brains to the highest levels. Analysis is all that trading is made of and it is natural for a trader to come up with sudden bursts of insights, or a lurking realization at the back of their brains or for that matter, just the fact that there could be strategies developing in the head. It becomes absolutely necessary for a trader to jot all of that down before it vanishes away.  

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